Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jesse's Nautical Themed Room

Hey Everyone

I completely forgot I filmed and put this up over the weekend, I had previously filmed some footage but due to it being dar outside the lighting in the room was terrible, so here is what Jesse's room looks like now, he is still co sleeping at the moment so he isnt in there yet but we are looking at moving him over just after he turns 2 which is in a few months.

Most of the items used as I said previously are from Loghan and Gabriel's old theme but I absolutely adorer a nautical theme for a young child's room and we didn't have the money to completely have another theme, Jesse is still young and when he decides or gets to the point where he can choose we will then incorporate a theme of his choosing.

Most of the decor is from Mr Price Home, the bedding included and the lettering came from a small toy store in Seaside Village where I used to work, I am no interior designer but the kids liked it so I am happy.

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