Sunday, 23 August 2015

Essence Soft Touch Mouse- 02 Matt Beige

So I have been meaning to review this foundation for a while now, I started using this mousse from Essence 3 months ago, I was using their CC cream but the mousse came highly recommended by their brand ambassador who also happens to be my elder two monkeys step mum, so I decided to give it a go and am so happy I did.

In the past I have always kept away from mousse foundations because I have always found that they appear too orange or yellow in colour on my skin; that and the consistency of the mouse just seems to go bad after a short period of time and then it is just unpleasant to use so I usually go for the liquid foundations but because this one came highly recommended and because the Essence range has impressed me so much so far I gave it a go.

First off I was really happy for the first time I found a foundation that matched my skin tone dead on which really never happens, second off I was happy that for the first time ever I wasn't the lightest shade, yay me.  I am really pale and always end up having to take the palest colour but it always tends to make me look even more pale especially in the summer when my body goes a shade darker but my skin still stays pale it just looks odd argh pale girl problems they never end... but back to the product...

The actual mousse goes on so incredible well and smooth and honestly feels so soft and amazing, it goes on as a mousse but drys to a really nice matt powder finish which is great so you don't end up with tell tale foundation lines as it blends in and smooths over so well, it also lasts all day which is very rare in a foundation or at least that is what I have found and again the brand is cruelty free and uses mostly natural products.

Finally the price it was... wait for it... R69.95 and I get a full months everyday use out of it, so as usual I am incredibly impressed by yet another Essence product and this definitely the foundation I will be using into the foreseeable future, I don't like to change a product that works why fix something that isn't broken right.

So that's it for this review I highly recommend this product it isn't drying or oily and I think it would suit most skin types, it can be found at clicks, dischem and red square.

I hope everyone had a great weekend I have barely moved from the couch as I have felt so ill the whole weekend and only managed to eat something for the first time this evening and it was divine thanks mom (nothing tastes better than your someone elses cooking especially when you are ill) anyway so enjoy your evening everyone, tomorrow is Monday... sigh so here is hoping it is a better week than last week.

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