Tuesday, 25 August 2015

PrintWild Face blocks- I won a competition

So a few weeks back I entered a competition on Caffeine and Fairydust which is one of the many awesome mom bloggers I follow and one of my favorites, I look so forward to reading her posts, where was I oh right so I entered a competition on her page and I won!!!!

Yay, so the prize we received was a photoshoot, which we haven't looked into yet and a voucher from Printwild, now we had already had a wonderful photoshoot done by Meloney Knaap Photography a little while back and I just adore all those photos so we decided to have those printed onto 15cmx15cm Faceblocks which normally cost R60 each.

Printwild is an online printing store where you can upload your images via a simple one step process and then choose your format, medium and colour options, at the end of it all you can check out and pay either via eft or credit card and you will receive updates along the way as your order is processed and then couriered to you, my order took a few days to arrive and I was over the moon when I opened the box, the quality of the prints were just amazing and I couldn't wait to get them up asap, it took a while but I got them up last week, unfortunately I have been so incredibly under the weather hence why this post took a while to go up.

The Faceblocks are definitely best when placed in groups of several prints and they really bring so much life to what was once a very drab  and empty wall, if I had a decent camera lens I would have been able to capture a broader aspect of the room but it really does just make the room and I just love having family photos all over our home, these are actually placed to one side of a very large mirror so I would like to order another 6 in the future and place them on the other side.

So thank you very much to Maz from Caffiene and Fairydust for this incredible prize and I hope everyone had a better day than mine!


  1. Thank you, they are the favorite part of our home decor and our kids love seeing them as well, so happy to have won this!