Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Painting Fun on Youth Day

Arb I know my kids had huge explanations for how and why they were painted as such.
Today is Youth Day so we were up bright and early an naturally the kids were dying of boredom... well Loghan was so we decided to let the kids go mad with paint I picked up some rocks while we were away on the weekend and had it in my mind that they could paint their own pet rocks, it didn't work out that way but they had fun non the less and kept busy for a good 2 hours leaving very little mess behind them.

I felt very nostalgic when I picked up this powder paint.
I picked up some powder paint a while ago, personally I love the pigmented colour that you get with powder paint, it is a tad messy and you do have to mix it beforehand but its non toxic and washes out well with water so another plus for me, we also tend to go through brushes like crazy so i prefer to get fairly cheap brushes in different sizes and then of course we have our trusty plastic table which is probably the best gift we ever received for the boys (thanks mom).
Ready to wreck havoc in the living room
It does get a bit messy but I usually do this outside due to the weather however we couldn't this time- the amount of fun the kids have is so worth it though and its great for developing the kids motor skills which is something adhd kids do tend to struggle with.
Jesse loves to paint

If you don't have paint lying around you can always make your own just add some flour to water until you get a nice paint like consistency and then add food coloring and voila you have a safe, washable paint for the kids that will even puff up if you put your child's work of art in the microwave for a few seconds after they are done.

I also like to let Jess paint with either his hands or a q tip it's just easier for him than a paint brush and he loves it, lastly if you don't have an apron just use a black bag cut a whole in the top and sides and there you go cheap and long enough to fully cover then afterwards you can just throw it away simple as that.

Cant believe Loghan's hands have grown so much
I hope everyone had a wonderful day at home and that you got to spend it with your families!

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