Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Home made Jelly Sweets

If your child has a sweet tooth but you don't want to give them too much sugar at once or store bought sweets then I have a great quick easy and cheap recipe that they will love!

My kids like most kids have an insane sweet tooth but with 2/3 being adhd I have to limit their sugar intake as much as possible however I love giving them the odd treat and whilst browsing a few YouTube Channels one day I saw a recipe for home made jellies and I thought it was just a great idea to try; the recipe on that channel however called for gelatine,  fruit juice and coconut milk this can work out a bit expensive so I googled a bit and finally found and tweaked a recipe I like, I know Jelly does contain a fair aount of sugar but I prefer giving my kids one or two of these than store bought packets of sweets or chocolates, plus you decide the flavour and can choose the moulds which can also be great for a kids party snack.

You will need the following.

2 packets of jelly for every 2/12 sachets of gelatine.
500 ml boiling water
Moulds ie chocolate moulds

Both of these items are found in the same isle and are so cheap

Dissolve the jelly and gelatine in the water and then boil on the stove top I find gas works best as it's fast and hotter than electric stove tops, boil for 10 minutes or until the mixture is slightly thickened and then take off the stove top- this does get super hot so be sure to keep the kids at arms length to avoid a splash burn.

Wait 2 minutes and then spoon the mixture out into moulds- (I used chocolate moulds) and then leave in the fridge to properly set and cool. Mine took about 20 minutes but it's best to leave it for a few hours then remove from the moulds which is so easy and there you have it a wonderful mini treat for your kids.

My end result- aren't they awesome for boys!

Because these don't contain a preservative it is best not to keep them for more than a few days in an airtight container- they aren't an exact match for store bought jelly sweets but they are super yum and quick to whip up at home!



  1. very clever! I would love to see the recipe with the fruit juice and coconut milk - would you post it or post a link to it? I think my boys would love that! :)

    1. http://www.mamanatural.com/healthy-holiday-treat-recipes/

      The Mama Natural site and Youtube channel are both great