Sunday, 28 June 2015

Enchantrix- I clean it all- Product Review

Previously I have posted about the transition that has taken place in my household coverting from chemical/ non cruelty free houshold and body products to organic/ natural cruelty free products, and I am very happy to say that we have pretty much switched over everything in the household I think my hubby is the only one left who uses normal shampoo and body wash but we are getting there.

In any case I am always on the search for new organic/ cruelty free products to try and it was 2 months ago when I found the Enchantrix I clean everything concentrated liqued.... oh my stars where has this product been all my adult life, I am completely head over heels sold for this product.

Now I will admit when I first picked it up at Wellness Warehouse I was skeptical; I always am of products that claim to have more than one purpose- shampoo/body wash for instance, my body and hair are different and have different needs I could never understand how you could get one product to fit both, but since delving into the world of natural products I have become more open minded in this regard and when it comes to cleaning I thought why pay for several products when I can buy one it saves space and makes my life so much less complicated. Right?

So I purchased a bottle for R89.00 I believe... yes it is not on the cheap side but when I factored in that I would be using this as a laundry detergent, dish soap and general floorwash/ cleaner I felt it was worth it and honestly after 2 months I can firmly say that this product is worth every penny.

So to start with the benefits of this product:

It is highly concentrated product that is extremely effective.
It is an all purpose cleaner will clean your dishes, windows, cupboards, ovens, laundry, fruit and vegetables, floors, walls and counter tops.
It contains certified organic ingredients.
It is a Vegan Product.
It is a proudly South African Product.
So I have been using this product for 2 months now like I said and I am happy to say I will never look back, this product truly is great, it smells amazing and a little goes a loooong way, it cleans effectively and I don't have to worry about it having an effective my kids or animals if they come into contact with it.
I have used other products in the Enchantrix range and they have all been great but this was a real winner for me and I will definitely continue to purchase this product into the foreseeable future.

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