Wednesday, 24 June 2015

21 months of downright rambunctious mayhem and love

So I actually cannot begin to fathom how fast the last 21 months (tomorrow) have flown by it seems like only yesterday that Jesse came into the world and I held my breath waiting for his cry (longest few minutes of my life.) 

So for my own record and to celebrate the last 20 months I decided to do an update post…
 Height- I am not quite sure and we didn't have a measuring tape on hand, sorry monkey.

Weight- 8.7kg give or take he was last weighed around 6 weeks ago.

What I look like

He is a gorgeous curly blonde haired blue eyed ball of cuteness.

Boob or bottle

Both, he still feeds from me in the morning, evenings and weekends and drinks Easygest milk during the day as well as expressed milk, we have found that his tummy is fine on the Easygest, which is slightly confusing as we thought he was having an issue with cow’s milk and not lactose as breast milk also contains lactose however he can’t drink normal cow’s milk but can drink Easygest which is lactose free as well as breast milk….

Favourite foods

He loves food and is quite adventurous when it comes to spicy or eccentric tastes but especially loves yoghurt and pasta or veggie dishes (hopefully this lasts).

Favourite activities

He loves to play with a ball, read through books and just run around and be a monkey, he will watch some TV on the odd occasion maybe 5 minutes or so’s worth.

Favourite words

Mommy, daddy, boob, juice, yoghurt, tea, chocolate, up and NO (why is this always one of the favorites).


He still co sleeps with us as we all just sleep better and since his op he generally sleeps through he may wake up for a sip or two of tea

Other things I can do

He feeds himself, can dress himself, generally can tell you exactly what he wants or is looking for oh and he is potty training, still cannot believe it!


He has the most amazing personality always smiling and yet so shy around people at home he will talk away and tell you stories till the cows come home but when we go out his cheeks go red and he hides in our arms, he is incredibly active and boisterous and just fun, he loves animals, him and our cat Kali have an amazing bond and curls up next to each other at night, he also loves his brothers and is very fond of telling them off in his own little language.

The last 20 months have been an incredible joy and we truly are blessed to have this monkey as our own!

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