Sunday, 17 May 2015

Our Final Jippee Box- Subscription Box Review

So on Friday we received Jesse's final Jippee box, for anyone who didn't read my 1st review, Jippee is a fairly new subscription box that I found mid last year.

At the time I had been watching a mommy YOUtube channel where the said mom had just subscribed to a box that included educational toys and products custom linked to her child's sex and age, I found this very interesting and so I went looking for something similar here in South Africa and I found it in the Jippee box.

The Jippee box offers an annual subscription box that includes an option of either 2/4 or 6 products in a box ranging from R99, R149 and R199 a month, the products include a mix of educational toys/ products and books in a choice of either Afrikaans/ English and the amount is debit ordered from your account on a monthly basis.  The box arrives via courier every 3 months to the address of your choice and I was very excited to sign up as I had previously donated all of my older son's baby and toddler toys  just before Jesse came along.

When our 1st box arrived I was very impressed with the items included they were all of good quality and included age appropriate toys and books that I knew would have cost me a fair amount more than what I would be paying in the shops, the only item I was a bit cautious of in the box was the stacking ring tower I felt that the smallest ring and top piece which in our case was a small ball could be easily swallowed by a child of Jesse's age so we chose to put that away for a while before bringing it out for him but other than that; the bath toys were amazing and we still use them as we do all of the other toys.

Our 1st box, Jesse was 8 months old

The 2nd box came and I was very happy with everything included especially the wooden blocks which my older middle child also thoroughly enjoyed. We also had the added bonus of changing to a courier as before you had the cheaper option of using the SAPO but due to the postal strike the company made an arrangement to have a courier do the delivery for an extra R10 a month which I thought was well worth it.

Our 2nd box included the above except English books and no maracas we received a wooden teething rattle instead

The 3rd box arrived in February and I again I was very happy bar one product again I did not feel it was age appropriate- it was a set of stacky cups 3 to be precise I felt that at over a year old this was more suited to a 7 month old also his 1st box had contained stacky cups already and it was a much larger set so I was a bit disappointed but again it was only one product, this box included 2 puzzles, a song book, a toddler city book, a push along dog and I cannot for the life of me remember the last item right now but we Jesse still plays with it all and he especially loves the books.

The 4th and final box arrived on Friday and I was very happy with all the products in the box especially the Melissa and Doug puzzle as their products are very expensive in store and we are actually in the process of teaching Jesse colours at the moment so it came just at the right time.

The 4th box- Jesse would not leave the toys alone =)

One very happy monkey

At the end of the yearly subscription, I have to say I really do think it was a great investment- the products are of a good quality and if we had another child we could have easily passed them on to be used again, I also feel that we received many toys that we may never have gotten otherwise and it was great to keep Jesse's stimulated with new and interesting things over the last year.

If you are interested in signing up for  a box or looking for more info they have a website : or you can find them on facebook.

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