Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Understanding comes slowly

Understanding our children and what actually goes on in their heads sometimes, is something I feel develops very slowly with time; there are some days when I look at my 3 monkeys and think will I ever truly understand them or know what goes on inside their heads…


Out of my 3 kids, Gabriel is the one I look at like this most often, when he zones off or when he does certain things.  I am not sure why sometimes people tell me it is because he is most like I was as a child which doesn’t surprise me as our birthdays are only a week apart calendar wise and we do share many characteristics, even though you would think similarity would mean that you share a better understanding with the person / child involved but nope that is just not how it works with the 2 of us.

To be honest Gabriel has always been more of a daddy’s boy- whether that is due to the fact that unlike Loghan he received attention from his father as a baby and spent more one on one time with him as their father and I split when he was just a few weeks old I cannot say for sure but whatever the case Loghan has always been more of a mommy’s boy and Gabriel has always gelled well with his dad, lately however Gabriel has changed he has become very mommy orientated- I am not complaining at all- I love it, and the last few weeks have brought with them many heart felt moments of hugs, kisses and I love you’s that were very much needed- yesterday he told me I was his favourite favourite… how sweet is that, I actually stopped what I was doing to give him a hug. 


Often I feel so terrible because I am so busy rushing around I don’t get to properly focus on all these precious moments… but my kids have my heart well and truly every inch of it.. ok my hubby too but they are truly amazing and I hope that for Gabriel and I this is the start of a wonderful road of understanding us as he said to me this morning… look at me  mommy really just look…. Well I am looking my boy and what I see makes me ever so proud!

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