Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Frustration thou name art Traffic.... and Loadshedding

Yesterday my trip home which normally takes me 20-30 min max took 2 hours.. 2 frikken ridiculously loooong hours, 1 hour of that I did not move by the way.... sitting in one spot for an hour not my idea of fun or anybodies I am sure...

See I have selective patience, I have patience for certain hobbies, my kids, my hubby ha ha but the one thing I have literally zero patience for is traffic (and load shedding) and sitting in it for 2 hours, so for anybody who had the unfortunate event of sitting next to me in traffic yesterday I apologize, I probably looked like I was bat sh*t crazy, swearing and going on hoping that by some miracle the traffic would suddenly alleviate... I don't normally behave in such a manner but seriously 2 hours, and my petrol light was on and I couldn't recall when last I had checked my water (Palios tend to overheat easily), I also had kids to fetch and the creche closed at 6 oh and then of course load shedding started at 6 as well.

I thought I was clever and cooked supper the night before, that I could get home before 6 heat it up and voila no worries... but no, not last night...curses (imagine mojo jojo)

Thankfully my mom was able to collect the kids at 6 because I eventually drove up at 7, very stressed out and very much in need of a strait whiskey.... argh

I hope everyone else's evening fared better than mine!!!!

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