Monday, 11 May 2015

A very Late Easter review....

I know its way past Easter but I wanted the boys to use the products first and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind so here it goes… a teeny tiny LUSH Easter haul.

As you who read my blog well know I LOVE LUSH products, I love everything the brand stands for- cruelty free natural products, I love the products themselves... I wish the prices were cheaper so I could afford them more often but get enormously giddy when I am given a product or products as a gift or on the odd occasion I get to spoil the boys with something....
This was my first time purchasing anything from the LUSH Easter range, I decided that since the boys like the LUSH products so much that I would get them one each instead of a mound of Easter eggs, they got a few of those two from family and friends but I just thought this was a very nice and different gift idea.

The Easter range was rather extensive and a few of the products really expensive so I ended up walking out with a product for each of them and then some of the soap…

I picked the over the rainbow soap, I went in with a mind for liking the carrot soap but when I smelt it I didn’t like the smell at all, I picked up the over the rainbow however and it smelt sooo good so I decided to get 100g of that, it is not a big chunk but it will last the boys a fair amount of time and it was R39.95, I think my chunk was slightly less than 100 g so it cost slightly less.

Inspired by the wizard of Oz this soap contains multiple layers of colour as well as a bit of sparkle:

“Fragranced with a new scent, called ‘rainbow’ it’s an uplifting blend of mandarin, neroli and rose to help leave you happy and energised.”

I absolutely adore citrus scents so this is probably what drew me to it the most.

The product I bought for Gabriel was the fluffy egg bath ballistic:

“a candy-sweet aroma that will really draw you in to its fluffy ways! Pop this one in the tub to sink deep into softening, brilliantly pink water—you’ll be left smelling like scrumptious vanilla cotton candy. Delicious!”

They liken this to the snow fairy scent… personally I cannot stand the snow fairy scent, but this egg oh my stars it smelt amazing I honestly wanted to eat it and the scent literally filled my entire home it was lovely.

The last product I purchased was the bubble grub bubbleroon which I think is actually a mother’s day product but it was already out- taking its inspiration from the hungry caterpillar (which I adore) but retailing at R48.50…. I thought it was so dang cute I couldn’t pass it up for Loghan despite the price being in my opinion a bit higher than I would have like to have gone- although I will say the colours online are a lot more vibrant than in real life… the smell is gorgeous… very natural and the eyes are chocolate drops....

“Crumble him up under your running tap, then dive under a blanket of sweet vanilla, tonka and sandalwood foam. Its creamy organic Shea butter filling leaves skin velvety-soft, and his Fair trade vanilla pod antennae steep in the bath water for a truly rich and indulgent soak.”

Does that sound amazing or what… in any case the boys came home from their trip with their dad the week after Easter and were very happy to get these as gifts.

The fluffy egg left the bath sand the entire house smelling like a candy shop and it turned the bath a vibrant pink, the water was also left silky soft and it did nothing to affect Gabriel’s sensitive skin, so definitely a win for me.

The bubble grub was the better option though because we could split it in 2 and use it for 2 baths, the orange half turned the bath orange and the green turned the bath green, the smell lingered just as long as the candy smell from the fluffy egg and the Shea butter in-between left the boys skin feeling silky soft… I wish these were available all year round because I would love to try one at some point.

We haven’t tried the soap yet as Loghan still has a small amount of the honey I washed the kids left which has lasted forever and a day but I will review it when we try it, hopefully they bring these items back next year so I can try them as well it seems these days that if I get anything at all from Lush or get given anything it's for the boys lol.....

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