Thursday, 2 April 2015

a love like no other

There are some days when I find being a mom or parent to be one of the oddest things to be... for instance there are days when the kids are going insane they fight the scream the make a mess and I find myself sitting in the middle of it all and thinking or begging for a break just 5 minutes to have a cup of coffee that isn't cold, just 10 minutes to have a bath and actually wash my hair properly... etc etc we all know how it goes....

But then there are days when they are gone and I find myself feeling so lonely and down, I miss the laughter, and the hugs the excitement that comes with every new day one that doesn't come without them, strange isn't it how you can long so much for some time alone or even time alone with your partner and then once you have it you feel angry at yourself for wishing it because you just miss them so much, you come home to a quiet house you envision them running around laughing as they go, you envision putting them to bed and long to hold them tight.... that's how I feel every 2nd weekend and that's how  feel today whilst my monkeys are away, I miss them and I cannot wait for them to come back and squeeze me to death with their hugs, I cannot wait to put them to bed and know that they are safe and within arms reach.... I cannot wait...

Its a funny thing being a mom.... isn't it, a love like no other.

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