Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bits and Bops

So I have been a very bad blogger this past week or so but forgive me for being sick.... not only that but I've just been really down in general which is not a good thing for someone who has a history of depression.

Things have been a bit crazy, financially we are a bit screwed, buying a home financially has put more strain on us than we envisioned or planned for and it really weighs on you emotionaly when you have kids to look after and even more so when they ask you for things and you have to say sorry baby we don't have money right now.... my parents were really great when we were growing up they were always honest about our finances and its something I believe should be incorporated with my own children- it doesn't help to hide these things from your children in my opinion they need to understand that they cant always have everything and why, doesn't make it easy sometimes because well when a child wants something they tend to ignore the reasons why they can't....

I know this too shall pass its just difficult when you are prone to seeing the negative...

Otherwise the boys are doing fine- Loghan has had no more incidents and is doing great.... after a great week last week Gabriel is up to his tricks again.... sigh and Jesse is well Jesse he is good as usual, walking really well now no more or very little crawling, he has also started tantrum throwing when he doesn't get his way he throws himself about and such not for long he very quickly realizes he is not going to get his way but it is a bit alarming as he obviously throws himself about without realizing that he can seriously hurt himself, with the heat he has also been awake through the night seems he inherited my dislike for the heat and he just wont sleep unless the fan is going full blast and there is absolutely no blanket near him as in no where near him he will moan at you if you try it... he also likes to have my hair wrapped in his hands, weird I know and a bit painful but he will actually look for it at least he lets go after he has fallen asleep.

Other than that everyone locally knows what Cape Town is experiencing with the terrible mountain fires that have been raging since Sunday, devastating the plant and animal life as well as leading to mass evacuations and the loss of several homes, the little bit of rain did little to help and today it is hot again... at least it is not 42 degrees again; all the men and women risking their lives to help are amazing as well as all the volunteers and anyone who has made donations to help... I really hope that it dies down soon!!!

The heat has been really bad I am most certainly not made for this heat and have been suffering so badly with headaches, sinus and just plain exhaustion, add into that lately I have been experiencing some really bad short term memory loss along with a few other symptoms... I know I need to see a doctor but unfortunately that will have to wait till we can afford it, so please forgive me if I don't spend much time blogging at the moment it takes me quite long to type a piece as my focus is really bad and my headaches get worse.

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