Thursday, 5 March 2015

Oh Lief Baby Insect Balm- Review

So I was a very lucky mama and last month the month of love I was one of the luck mamas to be gifted my choice of one of the oh lief baby products.

Now I absolutely love the Oh Lief products- they are all natural, they are local, great for sensitive skin even your own and they smell just A- MAZING!!!

So I chose the baby insect balm because lately Jesse has just been getting bitten like crazy by mozzies or some sort of sand flea, we are not sure we are not getting bitten and the cats are deflead etc so we are not sure where it is coming from but he is getting bitten really often it not only looks terrible but my poor monkey is so itchy it keep him up at night.

Anyhoo so it arrived surprisingly quickly and oh my when I opened it it was just the most amazing smell so lovely- it has a citronella smell which is not surprising since it not only contains citronella oil but olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax and lemongrass oil.

It is very oily but I don't mind that at all, the top layer was quite hard but once heated with your hands it is very soft and rubs into babies skin easily leaving a very smooth layer the skin, it smells great and I have to say that I definitely noticed a difference, if we don't use it he gets bitten when we do nothing and also using the balm on the current bites helps the itch and helps them heal quicker, it also makes his skin so incredibly soft.

So all in all I am one happy mama who will definitely be purchasing this product again, their bum balm is also really awesome and cloth nappy safe!!!

If you would like to purchase one of their products you can go to

Happy baby= happy mama

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