Wednesday, 11 February 2015

we all choose motherhood

Somebody said something to me the other day that has resonated with me every since, they made a comment in conversation that because I didn't plan my first pregnancy it was in their words and accident I didn't make the choice to become a mother it was made for me....

Well I can say with disrepute that they are utterly and without a doubt WRONG....

I did choose mother hood, I chose motherhood at age 5 when I held my baby brother for the 1st time and thought wow, at the age of 8 when I chose to dress up as a mom for career day... I chose motherhood when I looked at the mommies walking in the park at the age of 10 and thought I want to be just like that one day and at 15 when we did the baby project at school and I actually did it thinking I cannot wait for this to happen one day.

I chose motherhood when I saw those 2 lines for the 1st time and realised I was truely pregnant, I chose it when I decided to keep my baby no matter the consequences and when I saw that heart beat for the 1st time and fell in love, when I took him home all this things I chose.

I chose motherhood just as much as it chose me, everyone makes the choice to be a mother even if you did not plan to be one, you dont have to be a mother there are other options adoption amongst many others, but when you choose to be a mother whether biological or not you choose to love that child, to protect that child and raise that child, you choose to give your heart to that child, my children have my heart and I would want them to always know that I chose motherhood, they were no accident the came into my life they were gifts and blessings in my life and without them I would be incomplete!!!!

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