Monday, 9 February 2015

Go Slow mornings

I swear some mornings I feel like my kids go out of their way to go as slow as possible and to cut getting anywhere on time as fine as possible.

No matter how many times I explain that its them not me that needs to catch a shuttle at 7am, I start work at 8:30 nor their little brother who doesn't have a set time to be at school, some mornings are just impossible.

This morning I go to wake them up that took a good 20 minutes of coaxing and bribery and threatening of privileges before they even attempted to move from their pillow then they start going at each other so I get them downstairs as fast as possible then it takes a further 10 minutes to get them to tell me what they would like for breakfast and in the process this changes more than once ARGH, I make the breakfast as fast as possible while attempting to clean and feed animals and also clean up the mess of a lounge my hubby left behind the night before.... double grr and just when I think I am done....


Mommy, can I have some more.... but you wont eat it..... but MOMMY I'm still hungry argh curse the fact that I cant resist that face and curse the fact that I believe in a solid breakfast before school so I make more and true as bob it goes half uneaten thankfully we have rats that love strawberry jam and cheese so no waste.

Is anyone else severely bothered by waste because I think I am the only one in my household that is my hubby will leave half a plate of food in the microwave for me to discover a day or 2 later its NASTY, and the more I say cling wrap it for lunch nope doesn't happen and my kids gosh I was raised in a home where you ate and emptied your plate or you ate the left overs the next day, I still follow that but it can be a bit hard when you seem to be the only one trying not to waste.


Anyhoo so finally breakfast is done and finally all the morning chores are done I check the time dam we have 15 minutes till we need to leave I express as fast as I can and then feed Jesse who bless his little heart holds my face as if to say its ok mama I'm listening and I love you..... now give me boob please whahaha all the while the boys are watching TV and hubby is drinking his coffee, finally we are done and of course running late.... yay me, I give hubby a really terrible quick goodbye kiss and off we go and believe it or not we made it with time to spare.... shew and then its off to sit in hour long traffic and to start me day only for it to begin again tomorrow morning.... and then this weekend the boys are up at 6am no problems..... ah the life of a mom.... and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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