Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Join the party

I’ve been doing a lot of venting on my post lately and I really dislike being so negative so I decided to do a post on something that is helping in in the process of my fitness challenge for the year and that is Zumba Fitness.


I started Zumba 2 years ago just before I fell pregnant with Jesse, now I have no rhythm and for the life of me cannot dance but I was looking for something that was affordable as well as fun with a relaxed atmosphere of mainly woman and so when I heard about these classes from my colleague I decided to give it a bash…. From the 1st class I was hooked.

The first few class were a bit crazy I felt like I had 2 left feet but with every class it just got easier and I really enjoyed it, I did it through Jesses pregnancy with no issues it actually helped my back and muscle pain tremendously and allowed me to not pack on as many kilos as I had with my previous pregnancies.

After Jesses birth I stayed away for several months and when I returned I couldn’t get back into it because I just had to much going on at home, so now I have started again and am determined to keep my head in the game tone up and get fit and of course have fun.

The atmosphere in my class is amazing everyone is just awesome, there are ladies from all ages  and sizes so you don’t need to be young or fit to start or to enjoy and keep up with the classes, the music also ranges so you get some oldies as well as new music.

Overall it is just an awesome way to get fit, tone up and have a great time as well, I cannot explain what these classes have done for my self-esteem I used to shy away and be so concerned about how I looked doing the moves now I just don’t care I just get on with it and walk out feeling great and you can feel every muscle and body part that you have worked.

If you are looking for something fun, affordable and something that will boost your confidence as well as drop those cm then I highly recommend it- I have never ever stood behind a fitness regime or diet like I have with this and that is why I am recommending it.

It doesnt matter if you have 2 left feet, how old you are or what you look like it really doesnt everyone in the class is so amazing and so accepting you will have a great time.

I’m currently on 66kg and going strong with more energy and a love for my body that I have never had and it’s awesome here is to getting fit in 2015!!!!!

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