Tuesday, 20 January 2015

crappy customer service

I have been with Vodacom cellular services for many years I had my 1st phone at around 15 through my parents of course and last year I switched over to my own contract so we are talking 12 years I have never I had any issues but I have never had to take a phone in for repairs that is until around 6 weeks ago.

I have had my bb for nearly 2 years and it has given more issues than anything else a few months ago it started shutting off randomly resetting up to 10 times a day keys would randomly work then not work and it hot to a point where I just couldn't use the phone anymore so since it was a contract phone I decided to take it in.

I did and several days later I received an sms that made me want to throw up it was a quote to fix my phone of nearly 900 so I called the branch and asked why; its a contract phone 1st off and 2nd the dam phone isn't even worth that much.

they said it had water damage how frikken convenient now this was just before Xmas I might add so I declined the quote and complained on their fb at lightening speed I received a response and then a call to say that they would look into it their customers are imported etc oh and its Xmas so I must allow for more time than usual.

ok fine. Almost 3 weeks later nothing nada zilch so I complain again and again I am told that the customer is important and someone would reach me by the end of the day. Guess what no response that day or the next I call again and am told the same thing again no call by the end of the day. On the friday I complained again and was too they emailed me this after I asked to be called I was then made out to be at fault. Then I was too again it would be attended. I sit here after nearly 6 weeks and what do I finally get today after all that..... An email to say they will not fix it as the technicians found water damage and that if I want their help I must accept the quote... You know what Vodacom thank you for the worst customer service I have ever received and for absolutely no help if I knew that I would have to fight for 6 weeks to be told you cannot help me I would have just left it.

but I will not be quiet about this and I have already started looking into your competitors for when my contract ends and my husband as well. Oh and the cheek of it all I had to pay to get my phone back when you didn't even fix it DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!

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