Monday, 19 January 2015

Momma's Over Matters

Today I am going to do a short but very sweet interview with a wonderful local mom Casey Lee Jeftha who I have come to know over the last few years and her wonderful non-profit organization M.O.M or Momma’s Over Matters.


I speak from experience when I say that this organization has helped so many local families and people they have even helped 3 people within my own circle of family/ friends who were struggling severely to keep their heads above water at one stage- both were helped out with a number of groceries and of course a great shoulder of advice and helping hands, and I will always be incredibly grateful to Casey and her crew…..

I know that there are many various and worthy charitable organizations out there and you cannot support everyone but please if you are inclined to help out in any way whether it be financially or not Casey and M.O.M are always grateful for any bit of hope and support- it is not easy running a NPO, it takes a lot of time energy and love and it can be frustrating when you cannot get the help you need so I really take my hat off to her for putting her time and energy into such a worthy cause.

Casey and MOM

Cupcakes for Cancer initiative

Some of the delicious cupcakes sold to raise funds

So Casey tell us a bit about MOM?

We are a registered NPO that helps disadvantaged families and charities by raising funds and donations by organising fundraisers and posting for help on our facebook page.

When did you establish MOM?

In September 2011

Why did you establish MOM?

I had become a mom for the first time and no idea what to do with all my son’s baby stuff. There weren’t many pages out there that donated, so I decided to just open one up 

Who are all involved in MOM or have been?

Talana Lopes and I are the current admins of MOM

What projects have you undertaken since you started?

We have done many fundraisers for cancer organisations, TEARS and children’s homes

What is your most memorable MOM moment?

Finally getting our NPO number after 2 year battle

How does heading MOM affect your home life or does it and how does affect your views as a mom.

It makes me sad to realise there is so many disadvantaged families out there, that there are charities that do such good but are not getting the help they deserve. MOM sometimes makes me so frustrated when we can’t get the help we need to do certain projects but I won’t give up yet.

How can people get involved or what can they do to help?

They can join our page Momma’s Over Matters (M.O.M) and if they can’t help, we just ask people to share our posts. They can also join our upcoming events and our banking details are also available for monetary donations.

Are there any MOM event coming up?

We haven’t done our calendar as of yet, but for the Cape Town mommies who deserve a break, save the date: 30 October 2015. It’s our annual Rocking 4 Cancer event and it’s going to filled with live entertainment and it’s always lots of fun. So join our page to keep updated.

Rocking for Cancer Fundraiser


Again you can help mom in so many various ways either by monetary donation, donating your time or any used or unneeded goods.

If you would like to get involved you can go to their page: 

Or if you would like to make a monetary donation here are their details

Mommas Over Matters
Cheque Account
Branch code 632005

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