Monday, 15 December 2014

Rebekah- Rose turns 5

Yesterday was a lovely day, as I have mentioned before I am part of a small South African moms group on Facebook, most of the ladies I have never met so when the opportunity arises it is always nice to meet one of them.

In any case so yesterday we were invited to a birthday picnic by one of our ladies Nicole at the Koeberg nature reserve- it turned out to be quite the event.

We collected the kids from their nana's house and were given very easy directions into the reserve however when we got there we could not find Nicole and co- to say that the people working at the reserve are useless would be putting it mildly- no one knew what was where or what we were talking about and we ended up driving around so much that they called security on us because were were apparently acting suspiciously- yes we are going to take over the world with our 3 minions mwahahaha.

So the security van comes to us and wants to know what is going on I'm like we are trying to locate our friends- so why were you in the parking lo- um because we stopped to try and figure out where they are- what are you doing here- we are trying to take a walk and have a picnic with the kids- but what are you driving around- because we cant find our friends DAMIT!!!!!!

Can you say FRUSTRATION- and yes I got mad, I got pissed I screamed and shouted- I am not a nice person when I have 3 miserable kids in a hot car with little petrol and people are pissing me off!!!!

Anyhoo eventually we found Nicole and Co- YAY, we parked and everyone unloaded, when Candice arrived there were 9 kids in total as we each have 3- it was load and crazy and the kids had a ball.

Jesse ready to go (Mr Cranky pants that day)

Motorcycle gang in the making

we're off

omw these things make such a loud noise

It was quite a walk to the picnic spot but I enjoyed it, the scenery was just amazing and we spotted the most beautiful wildlife.
tortoises chilling out

When we go to the picnic spot which was lovely there was a whole bunch of tortoises as well as several types of buck- which Gabriel fearlessly ran up to as well as some Zebra- I have never seen a zebra in life before so I was really just in awe at their beauty!

Nicole actually almost managed to touch one but unfortunately a lovely snake came between her and this moment and well the snake won.....

Zebra (sorry for my crappy camera)

The kids had an absolute ball even with Rebekah Rose being the only girl a complete rose amongst the thorns such a beautiful little princess, there was cake and sweets and everything else and the kids got to run and play off all the energy they had accumulated it was really nice to just let them run free and to just sit and relax together.

rose amongst the thorns

Candice and Nicole

Jaco (my Hubby) and Jesse


David; Giovanni and Rebekah- Rose

Dominic, Daniel (Candice's Hubby) and Rebekah- Rose

I also got to meet Charlene another one of our ladies who is not a mommy yet but is a wonderful Au pair and baby sitter- she was great with the kids and 'Im sure anyone would be happy to have her.

Then it was time for the great trek back to the car as the wind came up making it a bit unpleasant and it was getting late.

Our boys had an absolute ball they could not stop talking about the fun time they had and they slept like babies last night- we had a great time as well and it was just so nice meeting a few of our ladies, I hope to meet even more in the future!

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