Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gabriels Summer Olaf Bash

Okay so its Monday I made it I survived another birthday, I cannot believe my Gabriel monkey is 5 seems like just yesterday he was a tiny well not so tiny but a small baby bundle in my arms.

I would say I have a pretty good party hangover I am glad that it is over and that the kids had a ball- I literally started baking as I stepped through the door on Friday night and everything just seemed to go wrong!

Thank you pinterest for making everything look so dang easy... how about no!  I would love to meet someone who has actually made cupcakes in flat bottomed ice cream cones and shake their hands because after several attempt and a stove full of cake mix I gave up- the cones wouldn't stay up no matter what we did they fell over and just messed everywhere so that was that, the cake did not go as I planned but I finished it at 12:30 on Saturday morning....sjoe.

Its supposed to be ice melting into Summer

It was not as I envisioned but Gabriel liked it so that is what counts, everything just seemed to go wrong the chocolate consistency for the frost bites and frozen hearts, burnt myself on hot oil making the savories and on and on.

At least came out perfectly

and these are impossible to flop

Ice tea= troll juice

Coronation snacks

marshmallows in white choc and ice sprinkles

cheese and egg may sandwiches

The rainbow layers

I got up at 6am on Saturday morning and cooked until 12:30 when we left for my exes parent place to set up.  I just have to say that his parents were great such a big help and so lovely of them to allow us to have it there, I really thought it was going to be awkward and horrible as I haven't really been there since my ex and I split but his family were great and I didn't feel awkward at all although I will say some of my exes comments and his general demeanor left much to be desired but hey you cant get everything right and he only made himself look rude.

The kids arrived around 2:30 and had an absolute ball, the food went down well and the cake was abolished in no time, the pool and slip slides were a real hit and after clean up and everything else we arrived home after 6pm exhausted, it did not take us long to pass out for the night- even Jesse slept through (yay for us)

Overall it was great- there were one or two things that bugged me but everything turned out well in the end and Im just glad I could make my monkeys day!

Before the party

Birthday boy

ready to swim

Jess got to play too

so excited

out go the candles
 Happy Birthday my gorgeous Gabriel Monkey!

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