Monday, 15 December 2014

annoyance= love

It funny how people can be so different and yet be so attracted to one another.

I was thinking about this over the weekend when my hubby and I were sitting having some down time- my hubby is an extremely affectionate and touchy feely person he always wants to hold me and kiss me and hug me.... and I am so NOT a touchy feely person- I like my space in fact I LOVE my space- if I give a kiss its a kiss not some long out drawn make out session not that those arent great but seriously I don't like being hung onto and fussed over so it creates quite a comedic situation cause hubby will attempt to cuddle me and hold and I literally am like pushing him away and the more I try the more the persists just to irritate me just like he knows I'm ticklish as hell but at least once a day he decides to test that theory.... which is annoying and not fun... for me at least.


Its not just him I have come to realize that I am like this with everyone- I don't like to hug people, shaking hands I don't mind because that gives me some space and its funny because my kids are very affectionate and so is hubby, so very few people I know will get a hug out of me and I think at times that may come across as rude or that I don't like a person but its just not like that, I don't know its just a very intimate thing for me- weirdo right...

hubby and I are so vastly different yet so alike- we enjoy being in each others company and each others opinions... although I tend to nod off into my own world when hubby starts talking anything technical or star crap related and I'm sure he does the same thing when i start on anything related to historic events or true crime- anyone who knows me will know that star crap is my term for anything related to star wars; star trek; battle star galactica hence star crap sorry but I just cant stand any of it and its become an actual term in our house to the point where hubby has an actual drive named star crap- see the sense of humor we have between us lol.

I think its good to have differences between partners in a relationship its what makes you individuals and gives you some difference in your life I think it would be pretty boring if 2 people were exactly alike- obviously your base should be alike- your goals hopes and dreams otherwise those could drive you apart from one another but otherwise its good to have that difference no matter how annoying it is.

I remember how when we were little our moms used to say that when you were annoyed by a boy you actually liked them.... food for thought

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