Monday, 29 December 2014

xmas Haul

okay so Xmas is over sjoe what a few days its been and today I am one of only 2 people sitting at the office wha wha wha.....

anyhoo hubby is home with our monkeys and hopefully my house will still be standing when I get home.

Xmas was great for the kids they loved all their gifts, in the end I managed to stay within budget which was very difficult for me but I didn't give myself a choice this year so in the end I managed the following on a budget of less than half of what I normally spend, I also put aside a few of the items over the last few months so it made the load easier.

Thunderdrum from How to train your dragon
Hover helicopter
Teenage mutant ninja turtle we put aside 2 months back
2 psp games we put aside in July already
Lego Chima set
mini Hotwheels Lego car

Scauldron from how to train your dragon
Hot wheels track we put aside 2 months ago
Kitchen set
Mini motorbike set aside 2 months ago
xbox game
mini Hotwheels Lego car

Alphabet train
small train and truck

they also got from family

xbox game
Large teenage mutant ninja turtle
loom bands set
battleships game

Kitchen utensils set
tool bench
truck and bike set
bug cathching equipment

Activity table
mega blocks
bath toys/beach toys
play phone

Over all I think they got really lovely gifts I was especially impressed that my mom got Gabriel that utensils set after that debate we had in the living room- however my Ouma did ask me why I bought him a girls toys for xmas- I replied that it isn't for girls only and its what he asked for she said ok maybe he wants to be a chef then and I left it that- you will note that my brother stubbornly purchased a tool bench but Gabriel loves it and that's what matters.

My parents got us an awesome braai for our new home as well as one of those sandwhich presses which was so unexpected and awesome, we also got some various other home items- towels that are an amazing red as well as a really cool oval clock which is something we wanted since we moved in- it also shows temperature and humidity readings so hubby was besotted with it for the first day.

'I' got hubby an xbox game and he got me LUSH, overall very happy campers.

We had a really lovely potjie and Lamb luncheon at my parents on xmas day- the boys came home on a sugar high from their dad so they did misbehave which was crazy embarrassing and ended them getting a hiding which is a rare occurrence with me oh and my aunt saying how of course her child never behaved like that and she would never allow behavior like that and the secret to behavior like that is bla bla bla okay your child is perfect move along.

anyhoo otherwise it was a really lovely day and the boys were exhausted when we got home- boxing day they went back to their dad and we spent the afternoon at my uncle and aunts for a braai.... I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much, seriously way to much I could have rolled home and Saturday we went through to my mom in law to see them, Sunday we rested we did nada nothing and it was great.

The silly season is almost over, I am back at work today like I said, I am hoping hubby is still sane when I arrive home- It really has been an amazing year full of surprises ups and downs- I am looking forward to 2015.

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