Friday, 12 December 2014

Thank you!

You know I have never really had great female friends, I have always seemed to get along better with men than woman, I don't know it is a little weird I suppose maybe that's why I'm just a better fit as a boys mommy.

In any case over the last few years I have met some really awesome women over facebook moms sites, I have never met most of them and yet I feel like Im closer to most of them than people I have actually met, its weird I know but they are all just amazing.

I cannot explain the love and support that comes from this ladies and all the help they are willing to give, it is just so great to know that when I need to vent or share some good news or just as a question they are there and they have just been such an amazing support system to me and one I will always be grateful to them.

To the ladies of TSAW you are awesome and you all have such a special place in my heart, I just want to say thank you for everyday that we can provide love and support to each other, I think this group has just been such a life line to so many of our ladies and I am so grateful to have you all in my life and my families because I truly feel like you are all part of my extended family and provide a safe space for us all to just be who we are and I love it.

Thank you ladies- you made my day today!

Don't forget the wine


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