Friday, 12 December 2014


so I'm just having one of those days, feeling a bit down today.... sigh

Tomorrow is Gabriel's party, have to say I freaked out just a little this morning because it rained- yes it rained which is crazy because I love the rain, but not when my sons pool party is a day away.

I checked the weather and no rain tomorrow sjoe crisis averted.

So tonight I'm going to be baking and cooking till only the gods know what hour- oh the joys of motherhood but at least my mom in law should be here so that will help, I say should because it may not happen and if it doesn't I am going to have a heart attack full on because next week the boys need to be a t home and we cant take leave so my mom in law is supposed to watch them- can you see the problem....

So i am trying to keep calm but I am not succeeding very well.

As for Gabriel's party well non of my family is attending- yay me so that is going to be even more awkward than it already is but hey its not like I'm not used to being the odd one out in a situation.

I will post pics of all the stuff I am making including the cake which I still have no idea what Im going to do but we will just wing it and hopefully it turns out great normally I just go with whatever works and its worked well so far so cross fingers.

Had an awesome catch up with a good friend last night- her daughter is just the cutest little girl ever and Jess would not sit still so joy for me there was pizza everywhere all over me and the table and him but hey he had fun right.....

fun times, fun times- I have a chocolate on the way- yummy just what the doctor ordered for breakfast; hopefully my day will only get better from here.

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