Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Lights in Sparrow Crescent

So in trying to get into the Christmas spirit for the sake of the boys we decided to take them to see a house up the road from us that displays the most gorgeous Christmas lights every year and provides all donations received to Home of Hope which is the most awesome organization that provides a home and care for abandoned and abused children.  Please take the time to visit their page they are a wonderful organization.

The boys were so excited as I asked the to do a letter to Santa so we could post the letters at the box provided at the home, so when I got home yesterday they just kept on and on until finally the sun started to set and we could leave because well there is no use going to see Christmas lights in broad daylight.

In any case when we got there the sun was not completely down but the lights were just gorgeous even in the light that there was.

The owners of the house were just lovely even though Gabriel decided to leave his ears at home and just wanted to touch everything which is not allowed, I apologize for that he was just so excited, he was very upset on the way home because he said Santa wont bring him anything because he made the uncle cross.

The boys did not want to leave they got to post their letters and were just in awe of everything, Loghan wanted to see every teddy dance of which there was avast collection you know those Christmas teddies that sing and dance around sjoe there were a lot of them.

Jesse wasn't very happy he was tired and didn't take much interest but I'm glad the older two enjoyed themselves.

It really is a gracious and lovely thing of the owners to and I thank them for opening their home up to the public year after year, I cannot imagine how high your electricity bill must be but it sure puts a smile on many a face even those of us who are not Christmas people, thank you for making my 2 boys evening!

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