Monday, 1 December 2014

My 1st LUSH experience

I was so excited when I heard that LUSH was opening a store up in Canal walk, I have read and watched so many reviews on their cruelty free products I just could not wait to test them out.

As luck would have it they opened a few days post my hysterectomy so I did not get a chance to go until last week and I was not in the least disappointed.
The store is such a sensory adventure when you enter it all the colors, shapes smells, it was a bit of an overload I will admit but I have never fallen so in love with a store.

The manageress was extremely helpful was very eager to help which I felt was very refreshing compared to most other stores, she provided me with all the product information I needed which was great and really knew the product she was selling.

It was extremely difficult to choose products everything was just so amazing but in the end I walked away with one thing and a few samples of face products- I have an extremely finicky and sensitive skin so I love the fact that I could get a sample of the product to see what type of reaction my skin would have before spending a whole lot of money and getting a product that I end up unhappy with.

So I walked away with the following:

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

When I smelt this product it was just divine, it has a citrus lemony fragrance which is just up my alley as I really cannot handle strong/ heavy smells, it made me want to roll in it seriously the smell was just amazing, when I took it back to the office everyone just loved it.

So I was extremely eager to get home and test it, I ran a bath and dropped it in.

It took about 10 minutes maybe a bit less to completely dissolve it fizzed this gorgeous gold shimmer from within the centre of the bomb into the bath and filled the whole bathroom with this wonderful smell.

It made the water incredible soft and just made for the most divine bath that left my skin feeling silky soft and just wonderful with a golden shimmer on my skin.

I just absolutely adored this product it was worth every penny it cost around the R40 mark but it was worth, I felt just amazing afterward so relaxed.

Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser

This is a kaolin clay based cleanser that includes finely chopped almonds and lavender flowers that exfoliate the skin when used.

Again I just loved this product, the smell wasn’t amazing to me but the product itself was simply divine and you use such a minimal amount that a pot will last for ages.

It doesn’t irritate the skin and exfoliates very gently which I really liked and my skin was left feeling so smooth and soft, it is definitely a product that I will be purchasing in the future, I can’t say I would use it on a daily basis because I don’t think it’s good to exfoliate everyday but I would use maybe 2 or 3 x a week.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

When I smelt this product it made me feel like I was sunbathing on a tropical beach with a cocktail it smelt AMAZING, it contains avo, salt, coconut, lime and vodka…. Yes vodka, to scrub away dead skin and leave your face feeling soft and refreshed.

This scrub is a bit more harsh than angels on bare skin but it definitely smooth’s out on the skin better and I just loved it, I felt relaxed, my skin was left so refreshed and soft, it actually glowed, I was extremely happy and this is also a product I will be purchasing in the future to use on a once weekly basis as it is quite rough.

Oatifix face mask

This is one of their fresh face masks that needs to be kept in the fridge and has a short ‘life’ span.

I did not like the smell of this product at all it contains oats of course and banana, it just didn’t appeal to my senses however I am very much aware that a product does not have to smell nice to work and since this was the mask they aim at sensitive and dry skin I decided to try it.

It was difficult to smooth this product over my face and it was not very pleasant however it did leave my skin feeling great after.

This was my least favorite product out of the bunch but I wouldn’t say no if it was bought for me, this is a daily use product and like I said it has a short life span so I think you would have to weigh up how often and how much of the product you use.

I highly recommend LUSH to any woman or man for that matter looking to buy a gift, treat themselves or find a cruelty free steady product that works amazingly, pop in at one of the various stores they have at Canal Walk, The Waterfront or Cavendish or go order online at, you wont be disappointed!

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