Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Monkey needs surgery

So just a little update, hubby successfully navigated Jesse's ENT app without me yesterday, the doctor reaffirmed how bad his adenoids are and has scheduled his surgery for January 9th which completely freaks me out, in the mean time we have to just medicate and hopefully the cortisone with decrease the inflammation in his adenoids temporarily until the surgery.

Aside from that she said that he also has allergies like Gabriel and needs to be on a chronic nasal spray in order to keep it under wraps, she said his tonsils are inflamed but at this point in time at his aid they are more beneficial than bad so she would like to leave them for now and see how it goes with just his adenoids removed.

Cross fingers I am really hoping this works, I was extremely stressed out last night being told that your child stops breathing during the night is a very horrifying thought and he ended up in the lounge by us for most of the evening, he did not have a great evening I'm hoping that the medication starts to help by the end of today.

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