Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Gardner Quads

I love watching shows that detail the lives of moms, birth and parenting- I especially love the ones that show the lives of parents with multiples.

I have always marveled at the thought of multiples in no way have I ever thought omw it would be great to have multiples but I have often wondered what it would have been like, imagine Gabriel had been a twin- honestly I don't think I could have handled 2 at that time.

In any case I really take my hat off to moms of multiples, I know often it is through IVF that this occurs and I have been following 2 pages in particular which both sets of quads have recently been born- the one page has received quite a bit of slack for joining with TLC to create a show depicting their lives- also they have received slack for apparently orchestrating having quads.

Ashley & Tyson Gardner

This was just mind blowing to me- 1st off anyone who knows anything about biology and fertility treatments knows that often the embryo doesn't take therefore most couples end up enduring more than one round of treatment in order to conceive- my aunt for instance had 3 rounds before concieveing her daughter.... ONE daughter.

Second off inserting 2 embryos is a general standard as quite often only one if any will take so it just increase the likelihood of success, IVF is expensive and a heartbreaking physical as well as emotional roller coaster- the chances of 2 embryos both splitting is extremely uncommon and there is no ways you can plan for it!

Besides that I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone would purposely try to fall pregnant with more than 2 babies- hello people babies are dam expensive and time consuming- having one baby is hard enough but 4 I could not even imagine where all the time and energy would come from.

Donations can only get you so far and you can only make money from a show for so long- that aside these shows put an incredible amount of pressure on your family there have been so many families who have split up as a result of this pressure and I cannot imagine anyone would purposely want to do that.

Last thing to note is that putting your family out there means that people often think they have an all access pass to your life I don't think that this is fair in a way I can understand it as you are putting yourself out there but common everyone is entitled to privacy whether you are famous or not!

At the end of the day people will think what they want but these gorgeous babies are here and they are clearly loved and that is what matters- whether by natural causes or IVF whether it took 1 month or several years every child is a miracle- some just involve a little more time and energy than others do- I would like to wish the Gardner family all the love and blessings that the future may hold- don't let harsh words and criticism get you down- enjoy every minute of your blessings lives and continue to stay strong and love each-other.

After birth- such a loving moment

If you would like to see their story:

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