Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ushering in the new year

So I'm sitting at work, its the last day of 2014, I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and everything that has happened its just crazy.

As I sit here I cannot help but smile yes its been a year of ups and downs its been crazy there have been some really dark days, and yet here I sit a 27 year old mom of three gorgeous typhoon monkeys, I'm married to the most amazing person I have ever met, we bought our own home and things are just falling into place despite the various setbacks especially health wise we are truly blessed.

I want to thank everyone in my life who has helped support us, that has been there every step of the way- the list is not long but you are all just amazing and I love you all so incredibly much.

I am so thankful for both my pagan and non pagan family, to our friends and even some aqauintences who have just made such an incredible difference in our lives.

I dont usually make new years resolutions because I think that most people dont stick to them etc but my goals for 2015 are:

-To get fit- Ive lost the weight now I want to get healthy
-Family health- I want to get my family healthy- Jesse's sleep apnea- Loghan's adhd and Gabriel's allergies I  would like to get to a better point
-To clear any debt other than our home
-To start attending circles again- I have become very solitary since Jesse's birth and I miss my Pagan family so much
-To take a honeymoon with hubby as we never had one
-To take a family holiday at the end of the year
-For the bright days to outnumber the dark ones

anyway we are just having a quiet evening at home going to rent a dvd and just relax and welcome the new year surrounded by my precious family it's where I am happiest, its so funny how my new years used to consist of drinking until I passed out (hopefully on my own bed) and then sleeping till the afternoon on new years day, things have changed so much!!!

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a good year or if not that 2015 will allow you to reach and achieve all your goals, I wish you health love and many blessings.

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