Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Whats in a name

I was reading an article this morning on Drew Barrymore and the birth of her 2nd daughter whom she has named Frankie, I was shocked at the amount of horrible comments her choice of name generated by woman who had read the article.
Honestly the name is not my cup of tea but it is not my child and I happen to know a Frances who suites her name really well.
I know of a few pregnant woman and eager grannies who are trying to find that perfect name right now, it is rather funny the merging of two names, looking to the sun, the stars and beyond, trying to preserve a memory or create a legacy it has become rather difficult to give your child a unique name these days.

As far as my boys are concerned their names are not outlandish or all that different I remember with Loghan how everyone would throw list upon list of names my way, the more I looked the less happy I felt about any of the names I had liked in the past, none of them seemed to fit none of them was right for my little monkey, until Loghan, to me it was perfect it just fit and it couldn’t be shortened although my dad begs to differ when he calls him Logi or Logi bear which drives me insane, there was just something about it, and my partner loved it too which after all the names was a first.

Then of course we couldn’t just have one name so I decided I wanted something that would represent someone special who had passed on and I chose the name Ryan- not only does it mean little king which suites Loghan to the T in all his Leo glory but it was my cousins name who passed very suddenly at the age of 24, thus Loghan Ryan Morison was born on the 25th of July 2007, then I remember arguing about the spelling with my boyfriend he didn’t like the h but I was determined to make a difference even if it was a small one it would be something to set his name apart from the norm and I love it, I remember standing in the home affairs line and making sure to watch my partners every move making sure he put that H in there.

Then in 2009 I fell pregnant again, we found a girl’s name rather quickly but at our scan were told we were expecting another boy, this time it was somewhat harder, until I had a dream and the name Gabriel came to me…. I am not Christian so it struck people as odd and I remember a lot of people were very vocal that they didn’t like it WHATEVER my child my choice and I put my foot down even with my then husband who wasn’t really fond of it either, I told him he could pick the 2nd name which up until Gabriel’s birth had me quite worried as he wouldn’t tell me what it was, in the end he became Gabriel Rene’ after his Oupa on my husband’s side who had also passed on and I am actually very fond of it despite his father having the same name.

Finally last year we received the news that my now husband and I were expecting our first child together, such excitement and again another boy hmmmm it only gets harder and I have to admit that it got to a point when I thought we would never choose a name- we just couldn’t find a name we both liked and I really wanted his father to have a heavy influence on the name as it was his 1st and last biological child.

My mom as usual suggested lists of names one of them being Jesse and it just fit, I left it but when my hubby started using it every day I knew we had found the right name and thus our last born Jesse Morghan Graeme was born- Graeme being the name of my grandfather who passed away and Morghan because it is one of my favourite names and I just had to have it in there somewhere.

When I look at my 3 monkeys I couldn’t picture them with any other name and I love their names so much.

I am glad that I took the time to choose names that I feel they should be very proud of, names with meaning and a certain amount of uniqueness although the names Logan and Gabriel are 10 to a dozen now a days they still make them unique.

I can understand not having a particular affinity to a name to peaches honey blossom or unicorn star shine lol maybe it’s not your cup of tea but it’s not your child it’s not your choice and it’s not going to change, so next time you are faced with an expectant mom who happily tells you she is going to name her child moonshine liquor or something just smile and say something nice even if its oh that’s a very unique name why did you choose it because chances are that person has put a lot of love and thought into that name and it wouldn’t be nice to burst their bubble of happiness.

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