Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cosleeping the next extreme sport

I can’t wait for my boys to become teenagers so I can wake them up at the crack of dawn on the weekends as their favourite thing to do is moan during the week that they want to sleep later and then come barging into our room on a Saturday morning saying mommy the sun is up its time to get out of bed ahhhhh how sweet it will be…..

Anybody who has ever co slept with a child or baby at some point or another whether they are sick, mizzy or in general you choose to co-sleep knows what an extreme sport this can be.

With my eldest I co-slept for the better part of the 1st 15 months of his life, he was prem and I was a very worried mommy so his favourite place to sleep in the world was on my chest which was great and I loved it, until it came time to move him into his own bed mission impossible it took us forever to get him used to it without us having to lie next to him till he fell asleep, so when I had my 2nd son I was determined that he would sleep in his bed from day one and so he did, he gave me no issues and it was great.

Along comes my 3rd son who is my husband’s first child, he was born with not so great lungs, he was also colicky and had very bad reflux so it was decided that for at least the first 6 weeks he would sleep with us, his lift wedge popped between us in the middle of the bed, eventually at 10 weeks we decided enough was enough we were not getting any sleep and neither was Jesse so into the cot he went and he then slept like an angel through the night until recently.

He has now started teething and very badly to the point where the majority of my evening is spent up and down between the cot and my bed so over the last few days at around 3pm due to the cold and because I just give in Jesse has ended up in the bed with us…

This is an arrangement I can tell he is very fond of because he seems to sleep very well once in the bed with us(it does not work however if I place him in the bed from the start of the evening), for me however this is even more exhausting than running up and down simply because the bed may be a double bed but half ends up being taken up by my husband and then ¾ of my space by jess all spread out and comfy and then the last little bit of space on the edge of the bed is where I end up, top that with the fact that he is also very restless (he kicks and fusses all night) and thinks that because I am right there he can dream feed all night and we have extreme feeding and sleeping.

My husband and Jess both of course ended up well rested and find it very amusing in the morning, Jess wakes up with a smile on his face gurgling in his own language it is ever so cute, my husband is happy and ready for work…. and I get a freight when I look in the mirror lol

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