Tuesday, 15 April 2014

crazy few days

So these past few days have been a bit crazy, I have been at home with what started out as one sick monkey, with this weather not able to make up its mind it seems to have caused an array of bugs and virus to come out of the woodwork and infect everyone especially the kids.

So Wednesday evening my Loghan comes to me complaining of a tummy ache he is not feeling to well, I felt his head he wasn’t running a temp and had generally he tends to be a bit of a drama queen so I sent him off to bed with a bit of panado which is harmless and if he is being over dramatic tends to do the trick of him feeling right as rain the next morning.

Sure enough next morning no issues, Thursday evening however I could see that he was not well he was having cramps and such and so it started, sick children are always over everything especially male children when my boys are sick they become helpless no matter how sick they are and expect mommy to run around after them- however this doesn’t stop them from wanting to play xbox and run around and play! So much to my son’s disgust I told him that since he was ill he had to take it easy lie down etc and we would see what the doctor said, sure enough it was a bug and doctor prescribed among other things lots of rest and hydration hmmmmm ok.

So Thursday and Friday involved me running around franticly disinfecting everything, changing sheets and such in an attempt not to pass the bug onto everyone else in the household all the while catering to my monkeys needs, unfortunately although everyone else seemed to escape the bug at first I ended up with it which was just great, because anyone who is a mom knows that when you are sick you still have to go on as if you are not and you don’t get much sympathy.

Then my youngest Jesse started with his chest, now since he started crèche two months ago he has unfortunately been sick several times which is normal for babies when they start spending time around other children in a close environment so then there were 2 sick monkeys plus me by Friday evening I was ready to go back to work just to catch a break but as it was Saturday was quite uneventful….. then came Sunday.

The boys were playing and we should have known that the amount of quiet and non-fighting coming from their room meant trouble next thing we hear something fall and a scream, my youngest came running, MOMMY LOGHAN DID FALL, so I went running the crazy child had decided to get his moneybox which is kept on his top, in an attempt to do so he had decided that the wash basket was a viable thing to step on to reach(with the amount of brains this child has he still thought it was a good idea) and thus after climbing on top and managing to reach the box he either lost his footing or the basket gave way and he fell with the back of his head against the tiles.

I can see in my mind the times in my life that my heart has literally come to a standstill and for the most part it has been times with the kids like when they were 1st born waiting for that cry, especially with Jesse because when he came out he was grey and they really had to work with him as he had an amount of fluid on his lungs- it was the longest few minutes of my life waiting to hear him, another was when Loghan severed his pinky in our front door that scream coupled with the fact that I had to open that door with his finger in it still makes me sick to this day, with G it was when he fell and cut his cheek open on the concrete at my inlaws there was so much blood …. The joys of children and boys.

So when Loghan tried to stand up screaming and very disorientated my heart did a literal jump into my throat it is very difficult as a parent to try and keep calm for your child when you just want to freak out, so I felt all the bones nothing broken, he was still falling all over the place and said his head was sore so I asked him to lie down after 2 minutes he was still quite disorientated and I was ready to run to the hospital next thing he gets up and informs me matter of factly that he is going to go watch tv, so for me that was a relief he must be ok?

Throughout the day he was fine he complained of a headache every now and then but he seemed fine, the boys were picked up by their dad early evening and at around 8 I received a call from his dad to say that his mild complaining had become quite excessive and then while we were on the phone he threw up everything so it was hospital time I was feeding Jess and I think I put him into my husband’s arms and ran out the door before I could even think about it, at the end of it all it was a mild concussion thankfully it wasn’t anything worse and by the time Loghan had seen the doctor a rush of energy came over him and he was running around like nothing happened which is typical, but in any case I am just relieved that it was not anything more serious.
Cherry on the top Gabriel then picked up the bug that Loghan had.

By the time I got home I was just finished with this week and ready to get into bed which didn’t help because I didn’t get a wink of sleep between worrying about Loghan and Jesse waking for feeds.

Children really know how to make each day with them an adventure of note!

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