Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Musical Influences

Music is such an amazing point of expression I have the fondest memories through my childhood that include music my father always made sure the radio was on or cassettes and records were playing everything from Queen Abba and Madonna, to Led Zepplin Sabbath and Kiss, he had and still has such a vast musical collection and we were so privileged to be exposed to it on a daily basis through from childhood, adolescence and now adulthood, my dad still has some form of music playing in the house whenever he can and I cherish it hoping that I can pass this on to my own children.

I was thinking of this during traffic this morning having a good laugh reminiscing, I recently acquired a ‘new’ car now my old car cd player stopped working at some point and even though I bought a new one it just never managed to find its way out of the box, so thankfully I didn’t have to put one in now, so on Sunday evening I hauled out the old cd collection and Monday morning I couldn’t wait for once to sit in traffic lol.

So on the way to work I played a few mixes that included cradle, trivium, killswitch, metallica, rammstein, deftones really nice mixes made for me several years back at the end of high school, volume turned up car vibrating LOVE it.

Then went to collect my kids and had to laugh because out came the lullaby cds and celtic music soothing and soft, so different to what I had been listening to earlier, but even though I hope to share my music with my kids one day I don’t feel that most of the music I listen to is appropriate for a 6 ,4 and 6 month old, I know a lot of people who will play heavy metal and such around their kids but I just feel that it’s best not to play it until they are older, don’t get me wrong I think it is utter tosh when someone shoots up a school and they blame it on heavy metal or pc games I think in these cases the intention was already there and the lyrics were mostly misinterpreted to meet their own needs or as telling them to do something instead of appreciating them as an expression and art form.

With every school shooting every case where a child or minor has committed an horrendous offence such a murder people are always quick to blame their musical or electronic influences but what about all the other people out there like me lol who listen to and appreciate the music and the lyrics as an art they live normal lives have normal jobs and loving families if this music forced people to do things then it would be like that everyone and if you look at the cases I am referring to the problems were rooted very early on in childhood and were displayed from a very early age before they were exposed to any of what people choose to pin the blame on, but I suppose people will always look for something or someone to pin the blame on.

In any case my boys love music but we don’t really get to listen to it much it just gets to crazy which is very sad but I hope that they will get their musical influences one way or another, It will probably start off with music I cannot stand pop and such but we all went through it I suppose, I remember so well the 1st tape I got with some metal and hard rock on it I played it religiously night and day I was hooked and so in love with what I heard that it paved the way for the music I now enjoy most and led me to meet some of the most amazing people and relationships, music has been an emotional support and way of expressing myself ever since, every romance, every hard point in my life there is some song or album to go with it and its great because whenever I hear that song I think of those memories not all of them are great but it helps me appreciate how far I have come from the low points in my life.

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