Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My son the angry bird

Loghan has always had a temper issue honestly I am not all surprised that one of my kids did end up with this problem I can fly off the handle when IO have had enough and my ex has a temper as well but it is only aggravated by his adhd and social issues which compound on each other and its frankly a vicious circle.

Anyhoo on the weekend we got into an argument over something I asked him to do which resulted in him having some time out in his room, when I checked on him a little later and sat down on his bed to talk I asked him why he got so angry etc and talked about managing his anger, he then piped up, mommy I am an angry bird I am just like red the angry bird I try to stay calm but sometimes I just cant... bless your heart my child.

Angry birds are of course all the rage right now and we have the movie at home when I sat down and thought of it it made perfect logical sense and I decided to use the movie as a tool, score one for this mamma, I told him to think of the end of the movie when Red remembers what the judge said about anger not always being the solution/answer, this made perfect sense to him and resulted in the rest of the weekend being quite uneventful and somewhat peaceful... as peaceful as it can be with 3 monkey boys anyway.

Are your kids mini angry birds any tips would be appreciated =)


  1. I have one little angry bird - I am trying to channel that anger where it makes sense - in his judo and his rugby. Funny enough, it is not my ADHD kid

  2. we tried every sport under the son but Loghan didn't like any of them and would just not go we have gotten him a guitar though because he asked if he could learn and we are hoping that helps a lot, self defense is such a great channel though I'm so glad its working for you guys =)