Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kicking Term 2's butt monkey style

I don’t think I am the only parent who hyperventilates at the thought of end of term parent meetings, this term has not been great for Loghan, for Gabriel he has blossomed and in our opinion was doing so well so whilst I was looking forward to his meeting I was honestly not looking forward to Loghan’s and had geared myself up for a drop in codes etc… however my child proved me wrong and I couldn’t be more proud and needed to remind myself that I should never doubt my kids abilities even for a second.

Whilst there are a few things that need attention Loghans marks came up in every area which was such a relief although he does have some work to catch up on during the holidays and we need to still work on him rushing his work and his handwriting, he also has the same problem I had in school where in mathematics he cannot see why he has to show the method when he knows the correct answer I felt exactly the same in school if the answer is correct who cares how you got there but that is not how the school sees it so we had to have a chat about that, but his marks are great all improved and excellent marks for both mathematics as well as life skills, English was also good and Afrikaans as well so yay I walked out feeling incredibly proud and happy, we have been told they both have the ability to get top marks across the board which we know but honestly I don’t expect perfection I just want them to be the best they can be.

Gabriel also improved on all sides and is doing so well he has really come out his shell this term which is definitely part in parcel of him and Loghan being separated during the school week, he has become more confident more calm and the baby like behaviour he was displaying in order to get attention has all but dissipated which is just wonderful, I have to say the decision we made was not an easy one especially to explain to others and I found myself time and time again questioning whether we did the right thing but now I feel confident with the results that we did as his marks and behaviour at both school and home has improved so much, our homes are peaceful, Gabriel is happier and gets the attention he needs, Loghan requires so much attention all the time and its terrible but we just weren’t able to give Gabriel the singular attention which we now can and they are still together on the weekends so everything is going really well.

We walked out feeling much better than when we walked in and I am confident that next term will be even better it is so incredibly important to acknowledge each and every step forward no matter how small and the boys have far surpassed and once again proved that with attention and time they can do anything.

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