Monday, 18 January 2016

To that new mom on Fb who thinks woman are martyrs of Motherhood....

There has been a post doing the rounds on facebook I am sure pretty much everyone has seen it.
It was posted by a first time mom, basically explaining that her child is 2 weeks old and she is a magical unicorn in a sea of lazy moms who cannot keep their house clean or attend to all their kids whilst still keeping up appearances.

The post made me want to roll on the floor laughing and yet at the same time I felt such pity for this woman, because after 3 kids honey I can tell you what awaits around the corner for you when your child actually starts requiring more attention, when they start moving or even more so when you add another sibling to the mix is well… you will find out soon I’m sure.

I have always seen myself as pretty kept together, I create home cooked meals, I navigate housecleaning, raising my 3 kids in all their madness as well as raising my husband sometimes lol, I attend school functions and meetings, the list goes on and on and you know what it is hard at times it is stinking hard, there are days where I feel like super mom and there are days where I feel like the crappiest mom in the world, if there is one thing I have learnt it is that you grow into and with motherhood it isn’t something that comes magically and instinctively in most cases no matter how much or badly you wanted it.

Its ok to want to run away sometimes, its ok to spend a day in pj’s and its ok to leave the housework alone to actually be present with your children, its ok to want to drink a glass if not a bottle of wine,  it’s OK!!!!!
It doesn’t make you a bad mom, and appearances are so deceiving some of the most seemingly disorganised and laid back moms I know are AMAZING spectacular moms who give their kids their all and more, at the same time I have met moms who seem all put together but who are nervous balls of stress and resentment on the other side of a smiling fa├žade.

To that new mom, you think you know everything and that’s fine it’s all a part of your learning process, enjoy your clean home and the home cooked meals, enjoy your time with a baby that mainly sleeps and doesn’t move, ignore the moms who have needy babies with colic, the moms who get no sleep, the moms who don’t have partners to help, the moms with more than one child, the moms who suffer from PND, the moms who struggle to breastfeed… the moms who are as you put it martyrs for motherhood…. You will learn, you will see, you will understand and when you do you will find that those moms those lazy horrible women who cannot take care of their families or home are the ones who catch you when you fall from your pedestal.


  1. I read this on Facebook, the bliss of a new born that sleeps wait and till that new born starts doing more then sleep and eat, shes got alot coming for her hope shes ready

  2. She is not the first or last woman who will feel this way just after birth but usually most woman have a better perspective of what is to come, I'm sure she has received much back lash from all us lazy moms lol

  3. Such a good post with such a good point at the end. The ones we judge are the ones who catch us when we fall. So true.