Monday, 18 January 2016

But Mommy, I’m starving!!!!!!!!!

January is a long month for most people and for people who have financial difficulties already it is even more so. 

This weekend was emotionally draining, we don’t have much in the house at the moment as far as food is concerned but we have the basics, bread, jam, peanut butter etc, in short the kids got breakfast, lunch and supper everything they needed with a few snacks in between of what I could muster up, and yet the whole weekend… seriously the whole weekend I think I heard the words; mommy I am hungry or mommy I am starving seriously I am not lying like every 5 minutes.

Now I have explained the definition of starving to my kids so many times, I have told them about children who have nothing and children who live on the streets and who live off food from the rubbish bins, a harsh reality but one I believe they should be aware of and yet still I kid you not, not even 5 minutes after eating they are hungry again.

Top that with the true naïve innocence of a child when I explain to my kids that my hubby and I usually only eat once a day so yes we would like to keep that piece of chicken on our plate to ourselves, their response is mommy you must pack yourself lunch like you do for us… yes my child a seemingly simple solution and we usually end up giving that over as well.

I know they are active, I know they are boys, yes they are de-wormed every 6 months, yes they get proper cooked wholesome nutritious meals except on Fridays which is my lazy day when they get noodles or hot dogs, otherwise every morning I cook them breakfast, every lunch is lovingly prepared, every lunch box filled with assortment even though it takes a rather large chunk out of my already meager shopping budget as far as nutrition and amount of food is concerned there is no reason for them to be hungry, and yet they are always starving and even though I know they cannot be hungry, its breaks my heart every time they say it, mom guilt is real and it is terrible.

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