Wednesday, 20 January 2016

# ZombiePrompts; What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

This going to be a bit cliché but quite honestly my biggest achievement in my eyes has always been motherhood, and why is because I have ALWAYS since early childhood dreamed of being a mom and even though there are complete moments of madness it honestly has been the most rewarding journey I have ever walked through and I think ever will.

The challenges my kids have had to go through have shown me just how incredible motherhood is and how privileged I am to have them.

I had teen motherhood against me, a failed marriage and I still made it through with well at least a bit of sanity and 3 amazing healthy well-adjusted albeit a bit crazy kids who had so much going against them in the terms of their disorders and the lack of information and people willing to help them.

Would I have liked a successful career, more money, more free time… perhaps but I don’t think it ever would have given me a tenth of the purpose and fulfillment that my kids have.


  1. Its amazing how when someone becomes a mother you will do anything for ur kids really is so powerful, love your blog i read it on my email when it comes threw every night i dont every comment on ur blog but iam trying to be better at that this year

  2. Ah thank you that is awesome to hear and yes I agree motherhood is just such an amazing gift even when we have nothing we really have everything in them