Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Are you the 'mean' parent

I wrote a post a few days ago about Jesse and how he is going trough the terrible twos and through this I have seen how I have become the mean parent in the parenting relationship between my hubby and I.

I saw this most today whilst I was labeling my older sons stationary at our kitchen table I allowed Jesse to run around and play in their water shell outside where I could see him, but he of course had other ideas and proceeded to not only spill water all over the laminate in their play room but also distribute all the craft/ pencil boxes over the floor space, when I went in to see what he was doing I told him he had mad mommy sad and that he needed to pick up his reply was no mommy I want booba.

So I responded that he could have booba once he had cleaned up with mommy, by this time he started getting whiney and irritable because he was tired ( I don't know how stay at home moms do it all) but I persisted he got more and more irate and as we were finishing up he smacked my leg and said naughty mommy I gonna tell daddy, you naughty....

So it goes I have become the mean parent the parent I am a 'bad' mommy.... and strangely I'm ok with that... guess that is what my mom meant when I was a child and she would wag her finger and go you will understand one day why I do these things, I have become the very being my childhood self swore they would never be... and I'm ok with that as well.  I guess its all part of being a parent.

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