Sunday, 3 January 2016

First challenge of 2016

I'm sure I am not the only one to have fallen into the trap of unhealthy eating over the festive period, over the last month I have eaten pretty much anything including lots of sugary sweets and oh so much bread etc and I can feel it... I feel like absolute crap.

Besides my iron issues which only add o the problem, I have had bad headaches or a migraine on a nearly daily basis, I have been lethargic, irritable and just generally bloated and unwell and I've had enough, it really made me see why I cut out all the crap in the first place.

So as of this morning, I started the 21 day challenge of no bread or added sugars as well at the Fitchef 30 day challenge which is aimed at changing your mindset to healthy eating and living so not necessarily diet or exercise based  but for instance today's challenge to eat mindfully and slowly, I know as a mom this is the one thing I can never get right, since my kids came along I have become a pro and wolfing down food in a matter of a few minutes, I hardly get to taste it and then a good 15 minutes later I have heart burn or feel like i ate too much because my stomach never even had the chance to register that I was full, so I am geared to go and ready to take on this challenge... I'm tired of feeling like this and am ready to get back into gear.

2016 I got this!!!

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