Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Holiday countdown, ideas for mums and bored kiddos

So the Summer holidays are fast approaching and for most of us moms that means 4 weeks of trying to occupy the minds of 1 or more children who are otherwise usually occupied by other people at school or daycare.

Personally I have been trying to get things/ ideas together to keep the boys busy and so I have come up with a few ideas to share.

1- Seasonal Baking.

If you and your family celebrate or even just partake in the christmas season why not choose a day or two a week on which you can spend some time baking festive goodies with the kids, allow them to help put the ingredients out to mix them up and make the cookies or what ever it is you are making and then decorate them afterwards, you could even turn them into Christmas gifts afterwards or create something special for Santa and his reindeer to eat on christmas eve.

2- Join the library or a book club.

We have been members of the library for sometime now and it really makes for a nice bi weekly activity taking the kids through and allowing them to each select their own books and then snuggle up at home together and get my eldest to read to us or we all teach Jesse by pointing out pictures, colors etc. It has caused a major improvement in Loghan's reading level.

We also joined a book club 3 months ago, its called The Kids Book Club and so far we have received some amazing books including one that is packed with activities (AWESOME) you can read my personal review on this service here.

3. Create personalized or handmade seasonal decorations

If you read my weekend post you will know that this past weekend I made up a batch of salt dough and allowed the boys to go mad, rolling out the dough then cutting out the shapes with cookie cutters and painting them, it was a fun activity that lasted several hours and the boys were ever so proud of their ornaments. Personally even though we are not Christian we do set a tree up in the boys room and let them decorate so i thought this was a great way for them to make something of their own for their tree.

You can also go old school and make popcorn strings or daisy chains, this activities are safe for children of most ages with the appropriate adult supervision and will keep the kids occupied for quite a while, its also a nice way to just shut down for a few hours no tv or technology just quality family time.

4. Write a letter to Santa

Again this is something that you would be inclined to do should your children or family celebrate but they can draw pictures of what they want or write a physical letter and then you can go and post it together.

5. Explore the city

This can be a great opportunity to teach your child some history, google activities in the city in which you live take your kids to the museum or the aquarium, turn a regular day into a fun learning opportunity.

6. Build a fort and have a camp out in the lounge with movies and finger foods, you can even camp out for the night in the lounge.

So that is just a few ideas for anyone out there looking for some help, I am so looking forward to spending some time with my kids peoper quality time and I;m sure other mommies out there cannot wait either.

Happy holidays everyone the countdown has begun =)

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