Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone...

This morning we had a real movie moment (think home alone 2 with the airport shuttle)…

Usually my phone alarm will wake us up in the morning, if not Jesse’s OCD internal clock has him waking us up on time if not just before anyway but last night I forgot my phone downstairs and asked my hubby to bring it up with him when he came to bed but he forgot it when he went to shower…. Sigh

So this morning my hubby gets out of bed which is not usual for him ( I usually have to nag him out of bed even though he is the one who will be late not me) he walks out the room and comes back in my cell phone in hand, I am still all blurry eyed at this stage and in a blasé way ask him what time it is, he mumbles something along the lines of 10 to seven… we pause…. We take in that bit of information… and then a moment later chaos… shit we are going to be late and it’s a mad scramble… keep in mind that the boys shuttle arrives by 5 to 7… eish right….

So we run into the boys room, boys are confused and unhappy trying to dress them and get downstairs… what about breakfast… are the bags ready….but mommy this and that….don’t forget the boys meds…. Sigh

In the end we managed to not only get them out the door completely dressed and ready but managed to get them to grab a yogi sip (not an ideal breakfast but a fast one) and their meds before the shuttle arrived….

After they were off on the shuttle (I had to see them off in my glorious pink gown and striped red and black stockings), it was a mad dash inside to get dressed ourselves, get Jess ready and get out the door.

We walked out the door at 7:20…. And that ladies and gentleman is the start to my Wednesday …. 

Happy hump day everyone

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