Friday, 24 July 2015

On the eve of your 8th Birthday....

Tomorrow my eldest monkey is 8… EIGHT, I simply cannot believe how the time has flown it seems like only yesterday I heard him cry for the first time in surgery and then held him for the first time in NICU.

 His birth was not an easy one and the road we have traveled so far even less so, but the pride I feel when I look at my Loghan monkey today is ever growing and the love I have for him unending.


So today I would just like to put together a few words for my Loghan- Bear who everyday surprises me in glorious ways unending….

Loghan Bear (or monkey sometimes)

If I had foreseen the journey we would travel together as mom and child and as one family then as a separate blended family I wouldn’t change a thing because every moment with you; even the not so happy ones are ones that I will cherish because you have been a part of them.

The pride I feel for you on a daily basis with every new step and improvement you make overcoming your adhd, you have proved so many people around you wrong and shown them that you are the amazingly bright and spirited child we all knew you were and that you can overcome everything that comes your way if people just give you a chance and a bit of understanding and patience.

You are clever, your mathematical ability surpasses most of those around you even adults, you are witty and love to laugh and play around, but you are also so incredibly sensitive and loving, you help those around you who don’t have a friend or a helping hand because you know even at the tender age of 8 what it feels like to be in their shoes, you give the most amazing hugs and loves to those who need it and thrive off praise like a flower to water in the springtime.

I have watched you grow form this tiny bundle who fit into the crook of my arm into a fiery rambunctious toddler, into a young boy who was scared of everything and now you are fast approaching the pre- teen stage that leaves you yearning for answers at every point you turn at, you have helped me grow and learn as a mom and have taught me so much more than I feel I will ever teach you, and I want to say thank you for that.

Thank you for making me a mom, for being patient when my mothering skills have needed coaxing, for giving me hugs when I have felt unwell or down, for making me smile and push forward when I have wanted to give in or give up and for teaching me patience and understanding I never knew I lacked before.

You will always be my baby no matter how much you grow, my Loghan, you will always be my heart.
Love you to the moon and back more than all the jelly tots chocolates and hugs in the world.



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