Monday, 13 May 2019

Time for a change

So as you will see I have given this space a bit of a makeover, ok make that a major makeover, I don’t know where I was going with the last change but I wasn’t feeling it and then life got chaotic and I fell into a lull of; yeh I’ll fix it tomorrow and then it became; yeh I’ll post tomorrow and then came an inevitable slump.

I am not sure if any other mommy bloggers have experienced this but I reached a bit of an in-between space, a space where I don’t really fit in with the new mom blogs as my children have all reached school going age, my eldest is starting to develop opinions and since much of what I say on here revolves around special needs parenting I am always at a bit of a wall when it comes to posting things I may or may not be sure he will appreciate at any point in the future- I am of course mindful of this with all my children but more often than not the shit hits the fan with my eldest and therefore his stories are often more vibrant and sometimes less positive and raw, things are chaotic and I am not the type to game, travel or try out every new product I can get my hands on so I was at a bit of a fork in my blogging road, really unsure of what direction to go in.

I mulled this over for many a night and to be honest I am still not sure where I fit in, but I know this space has helped me learn, has helped me grow and has created a safe environment for me to share and vent my feelings and life experiences so I have kind of made peace with that, and maybe I end up losing readers as I am sure I have over this slump period but at the end of the day if even one parent takes something away from one of my experiences or thoughts I am happy.

So here I am a thirty something mom to three crazy boys, my life is full of chaos and turbulence as I try to navigate the journey I never expected but try my best to embrace every day. I may not always have something interesting to say, I don’t watch the news and have come to detest political discussion, I am a fierce advocate for special needs education and support, an avid book and coffee addict who drinks her fair share of wine with her bestie once a week.

So for anyone who is new to this space, welcome to the madness and for those who have followed me for a while thank you =)

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