Thursday, 16 May 2019

The joys of parenting a pre teen

Oh the wonderful joy that is parenting a preteen; the eye rolling, the sarcasm, the loud sighs and back chatting I mean what more could a parent ask for... how about no.

Guys I thought colic reflux and co sleeping were a fun ride, and then I thought 3-4 years was a fun ride, but it aint got nothing on having a preteen.

I feel like I have gone to war or that my child has been traded out for someone else, I mean he has always been sarcastic and full of attitude but man oh man the body between smelling his armpits post shower and asking him to clean up his room and put on his shoes for the 50th time my ocd has pushed my anxiety to the edge of my abilities and patience.

I have to say that I find it quite concerning that almost every older generation parent will warn you about te teen but its like the fearsome fours like no one of the older generation speaks of this stage, its a conspiracy I tell you, and when I talk to my own mom I see that look of sweet justice on her face for all the uphill I gave her during my teens.

My son is particularly amused with this stage himself seeing as he has now amassed a lovely group of pimples and his voice is starting to break which is both scary to hear as a parent who cannot believe we are here and amusing because he sounds too funny and the more he realizes it the higher the pitch between his older voice and the voice coming through becomes.

Am I scared hell yes I am scared for one if this is preteen what about teen and two it means that my baby boy eldest is a few years shy of adult hood and neither of us is prepared, I mean I am pretty close to creating a blanket fort in my room and just hiding out in there for the next few years, whose with me I say!?

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