Sunday, 5 May 2019

Child's Farm - Product Review

Childs Farm products the UK's no 1 sensitive toiletries brand for babies and children has officially hit the shores of SA and I am so incredibly excited to share my experience with all of you.

As someone who personally struggles with sensitive skin and eczema and as a mom who has 2 children with the same issues I can tell you that finding a product that works for our skin that is both sensitive and moisturizing as well as natural is an extremely difficult task, I have found a number of products over the years but they either aren't gentle enough, I am not happy with the products ingredients or the price doesn't warrant the cost, so when I heard about Child' Farms my curiosity was definitely peaked.

The brand  is both pediatrician and dermatologist approved, and was developed by an everyday mom like you or I, Joanna Jensen who developed the products to suit her daughters’ fine hair and sensitive skin. 

She used the packaging to express her farm life and included her child's faces, together with those of her cousins and pets on the packaging. Personally I though the packaging was really sweet my kiddos on the other hand weren't really phased but that struck me in a very personal mom to mom sort of way and I really appreciated the attention to detail unlike y children who just have the attention span of gold fish and were only interested in the amount of bubbles and mess they could create with the new products mom brought home just for them.

I just want to start off by saying when I received my box of goodies I could smell the products through the packaging, which both delighted my senses but also set off alarm bells only because I know from personal experience sensitive skin plus fragrance is usually a big no no, this is why when we trial a new product or brand within our household I will use the product on myself first to make sure that my skin doesn't react before I use it on our kids so I did and holy guacamole guys the products not only smell absolutely amazing and not in a fake generic bad candy sort of way they smell like fresh fruits and mint wonderful and they left my own skin and hair feeling so silky soft and moisturized I couldn't wait for the kids to use it.

We have been using the products for 2 weeks or so now, our absolute favorites are the shampoo in  the scent strawberry/ mint as well as the hair and body wash in the scent blackberry/apple both go a long way in terms of the amount of product you need and both leave your skin and hair feeling wonderful and smelling for a good amount of time, the smell lingers and every time my kids pass me by I just want to grab hold of them and rub my face into their hair they smell so good.

The other product that I cannot gush enough about is the baby moisturizer, I had heard via other ambassadors and reviews that the moisturizer works like a charm for eczema but when I first smelled the product though it smelled beautiful the fact that it had a fragrance at all was a bit daunting, I can tell you my eczema particularly on my hands gets so bad that my hands crack and become hard to use this cream did an absolute wonder job on those sore spots and unlike cortisone which thins the skin and is really not effective in the long run or good for you, I felt good using this on both my kids and myself and will continue to use this after experiencing these amazing results.

The only product that I was not absolutely balled over by has been the bubble bath but only because it doesn't really produce a good amount of bubbles, going on the smell and what it does for your skin it is an absolute 10 and don't get me wrong I understand natural products don't usually bubble up as well as conventional products and the bubbles don't usually last as long, honestly its not even that important to me it was my kiddos who love love love their bubbles but otherwise I think that's a minor gripe.

I absolutely highly recommend this brand I think the packaging is fun and unique and shows just how much of a personal touch and effort is invested in the brand by the owner, there is a reason why these products are rated so well internationally and baring in mind that the weather in the UK is really dry and harsh I think that speaks wonders.

The products not only smell wonderful, each of the products is made of organically sourced natural products and essential oils that are cruelty free and leave your child's skin feeling so good.

The products are currently available from Takealot, Clicks and just recently selected Pick n Pay stores and range from R80- R120 a product, which normally would not put me off but give me pause for thought after using the products though I can firmly say these are products I will happily repurchase in the future and I feel that they are worth the price tag especially given that they are natural and cruelty free.

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