Wednesday, 27 March 2019

What even Kat von D

So for anyone who followed the saga that was Kat von D’s anti vaxer rant and stance towards the end of her pregnancy you may or may not know but she recently uploaded a video to her channel during which she discussed two things, one of which was the scandal that overtook the internet some time ago outlining her as anti-Semitic the other was her stance on vaccines- two completely different things and why she chose to pair them together in one video is beyond me but she did.

During the first portion of the video she basically says that she cannot be an anti-Semite as she is part Latina…. Erm ok I don’t see how the two are mutually exclusive but she clearly does, she rambles on a bit, doesn’t look into the camera lens once and tries to brush off the issue… she then gets to her stance on vaccinations and basically says she is not an anti vaxer.

Now if you saw her post she is referring to made for all to see whilst pregnant with her son, her point is very clear, she is vegan and that coupled with her own personal values and ideals has led them to the decision not to vaccinate their child, she says that it is her body and her child and basically they will not apologize for their decision… now I am pro vax completely but ok fair enough you made your point loud and very clear… however the literal shit storm that ensued after this post, the amount of fans and followers she lost… her make up can literally be found on clearance in almost every store it is being retailed at… even the lower end ones.

I do not think she was prepared for the onslaught and after watching her video I think this was a poor attempt to circle back and to try and recoup what is left of her now dying brand.

Like I said I don’t agree with her stance but she voiced her opinion and her choices which everyone is entitled to do… however come on girl you are a well-known face in the world; of course people are going to react and I personally feel that if you take a stance on something as serious and controversial publicly knowing you are well known then you have to be prepared to roll with the punches and accept the criticism that may come with it, if you watch her video she very clearly refuses to say whether she will be vaccinating now in fact she basically says you know what I am not anti vax but we are not going to tell you anything anymore we will not tell you whether we have changed our minds or not which I feel is just a bs sell out she also back tracks and says she never said she is anti vax to begin with.

You either say hey I was wrong and I am sorry, or hey I did my research and after more thought post baby we have decided to take another look ie look at other alternatives homeopathic vegan vaccines (which are available) among other things or nope not sorry this is my/our stance and we are standing by it if my brand goes down so be it this stance represents my values and I will not apologize for our choices even though I am sorry it has affected so many people or affected how people view myself and my brand.

It was just a lousy attempt to appease through sly concealment and I’m not buying it sister- not a genuine set of words in that entire video and it honestly felt like she had a person or teleprompter in front of her pushing her in the ‘right’ direction

There was a time I greatly respected this woman and her brand I thought she had a good head on her shoulders that she was open minded, honest and that the only way she was going was up… when she released the shade under age red I side eyed her explanation and thought ok one mess up does not an idiot make, but then she came out with selection, for someone who puts so much effort into her shade names I’m sorry but it’s just not acceptable… she then chose to marry and bring a child into the world with a man who blames his daughter for her own rape which might I add was at the hands of his friend… I just can’t even.

She goes on and on about veganism and the environment she holds her head high above those who she clearly feels have made inferior choices but refuses to take responsibility for her own bad judgment and choices. 

We live in an age where social media is damning and words vomit stains the universe.

So long Kat von D.

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