Tuesday, 29 January 2019

My Mia Elle experience

In a recent post I discussed my struggles with a body image and resultant eating disorder, in that post I spoke about the ongoing struggles I face on a daily basis as well as how those struggles came about and so forth.

Last year I made a lot of progress in this regard and I went through a period where I really felt my self-image sore, I was in a really good place I was really at peace as far as my body was concerned and felt that I had become more of a friend to my body image than an enemy.

It was during this time that I booked a session with Sarah Mulder at Mia Elle Boudoir, I was lucky enough to catch one of her specials but rather than book for a full on Boudoir shoot I booked for a glamour session. As far as I had come I just felt like I wasn’t ready to get full on wannabe sexy momma in front of a camera and stranger but I really felt that the session was a step in there right direction of affirming my new found confidence.

For anyone who isn’t sure because I wasn’t all too sure either at first- Glamour involves a dress or heels- it can be sexy/ elegant anything you choose but it’s not bedroom boudoir.

In the weeks leading up to my session I was nervous as anything I couldn’t decide what to wear and thought I would make a complete fool out of myself- those demons started to rear their ugly heads but I was really determined, I really needed to do this and with much love and support from the hubby I knew I could.

On the day of the shoot I drove up filled with nerves but when I arrived I was greeted by the most beautiful smile and friendly greeting anyone could ask for which immediately put me at ease.

Sarah is an amazing breath of fresh air her energy just embraces you and you feel like you are greeting a friend not a stranger.

Her make up team was superb, they made me feel like an absolute Goddess and I could not believe it when I looked in the mirror and saw my face (I always wear make up but am a simple mascara and eyeliner girl no fancy eyes or lipstick).  I chose to wear my matric dance dress as well as my wedding dress (which was also my mother’s wedding dress), I just cannot explain how easy it was with someone like Sarah it felt so natural and easy, I drove away walking on air.

I received my album of pictures last week and I just cannot explain how those pictures made me feel, I am going to share a few below.

I really feel that this is something every woman should do once, the way you feel afterwards is something that every woman should experience and carry with her- it allows you to see the beauty, as a mom it is so easy to lose that sense of self and that confidence when you spend your days covered in baby food or craft paint, when you scarcely have the time to wipe your eyes out never mind glam up- it is a wonderful gift for yourself as well as a partner and I cannot wait to do it again… a boudoir shoot next time perhaps, if you want to book a shoot or see what Mia Elle is all about you can find their Facebook page here, there is also a woman’s only group which is great and an incredible place to see other shoots as well as to meet and share your thoughts with other woman.

Sarah and the Mia Elle are also an advocate for woman’s mental health and support, more information in this regard and how you can help can also be found on her page.

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