Saturday, 5 January 2019

Hello 2019

Well hello there from this a somewhat rested halfway sane momma- its been a while.

I have to be honest the past year was not the greatest in terms of experience I learned a lot of hard lessons particularly when it comes to people and trust, I allowed my heart to take me down a road that I had envisioned for so long and its not something I regret because I was able to share my time with so many amazing children and I got to learn a lot about the process of starting a company and what is all involved in and around the process however when the bomb went off at the end and I along with my family and a few other people were left to pick up the pieces yeh not a nice ending to the vision I held so dear to my heart.

Apart from that I am glad it happened it allowed me to make the move we had been contemplating for a while and place Gabriel in a school where he is thriving and completely off of his previous medications, he is encouraged on a daily basis and has made so many new friends which has meant that all of the anxiety and meltdowns he was experiencing have all but disappeared which I have to tell you is both a huge change and a huge relief, there are still moments of course I mean he will always have adhd and sensory issues but being in an environment where he is completely comfortable certainly has made a huge difference and it is one that has made a big difference to us as a family unit.

He turned 9 in December and we had a wonderful day celebrating with around 20 kids from his school in attendance, I have never seen him more happy or at ease.

Jesse starts Grade R on Monday which is just crazy I just cannot believe how fast the tie has flown and how much he has grown and changed within the last year- he has developed a very strong personality which at times can be trying but I love how much he has come out of his shell- I am just thankful that we have a medical aid because if any of our children is going to land up pulling off a daredevil stunt it will be him, he even has 2 of his first big boy teeth coming through which nearly made me fall of my chair because he is still so little- looking ahead to Grade 1 I think we are looking at placing him with Gabriel- after much thought we don't see why we should have to fight to get him into a local school and an overcrowded classroom when he can have a small class with more attention and an environment more conducive to what we have envisioned for our kids education I don't agree with our current schooling system and I don't believe it is suitable to the majority of kids today- our opinion but that I how we feel so that is where we are at from that point.

Loghan starts his new school this week as well which I am hoping will be moving in the right direction- the classes are super small 6 kids at the moment with both a qualified teacher and assistant in each class and the school caters and has catered solely for children with special needs and behavioral and learning issues, the school week includes an individual therapy session once a week in order to target the child's focus areas of need- so we will just have to hope and see.  We are still at Red Cross of course although I am a bit peeved with his one doctor who suggested that we place him into a normal government school in order to force the hand of the department and get him into a government remedial school - her words were that of sitting on the school doorstop until they accept him and then basically wait for shit to hit the fan so that the school gets him moved up onto a list in a remedial school....I had no words.... no frikken words- she wasn't happy that we have decided to not go government either but yeh sorry the flash backs of being called on a daily basis out of work to fetch my child every single day, the constant meltdowns and issues not something I want to go down the road of again.

We also took the jump this holiday and started Loghan on CBD oil, for a long time we have researched this option but the legalities of it all at the time left me a bit apprehensive- almost a month down the line and we re going strong- look I have to repeat myself a good number of times a day but other than that I a glad we have decided to try it- it is still early days but so far so good and if we carry on in this direction we re looking at becoming a completely medication free household which is huge!

Look the meds; concerta, ritalin etc they have their place I won't knock them and they have helped us a hell of a lot along our road but if we can do well or better without them on a natural alternative then I think it is a better option.

I really want to move forward in 2019, I want to find a new challenge I feel like things were so complicated in 2018 and at the center of it when everything I was in full swing I enjoyed that challenge I enjoyed learning something new and feeling that I was making some sort of a difference in the lives of others but also within myself so I really want to see where I can go this year as far as learning and growing within my life- spiritually, emotionally and physically- in my career and family paths.

Here is to 2019!

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